How to make a Bugs Bunny costume?

Bugs Bunny is a long time favorite for Halloween at any age. It doesn’t matter whether you are an infant or an adult. Below we have some suggestions on how to create a Bugs bunny costume. You will need a few materials in order to make the right costume. The great thing about creating your own costume is that you can start from scratch or create it from other types of clothing. In our steps we are going to take premade materials to get that Bugs Bunny look.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* A grey sweat suit

* White tee shirt or white material

* Pink material

* Grey material

* Face paint

* Head band and pipe cleaners

* Grey shoes

* Extra large cotton ball

* White gloves


Step 1: In this step you are going to modify a grey sweat suit into a Bugs Bunny costume. Bugs Bunny is always grey in the cartoons so you need his legs, back, arms, and even stomach to be mostly grey. That’s why the sweat suit is perfect if you are not handy with a sewing machine. You can of course create the entire Bugs suit from gray material. In the modification you will need an elongated oval for the chest. Bugs’ stomach has a significant white patch. This patch can be sewn on with minimal strokes. A tee shirt or any white material will work for this.

Step 2: Grey shoes will need to be the feet of the costume and the white gloves will be for the hands. In the hands you can of course carry a carrot along with you.

Step 3: At this point to finish the body part of the costume you need to add several small cotton balls in a bunch or an extra large cotton ball to the bottom of the costume. Bugs typically has the bushy white tail seen on all bunnies.

Step 4: In this final step we are going to concentrate on the face and ears. The face can be made with face paint offering white cheeks, a grey forehead, and a black nose. You will also need to find some buck teeth to wear as part of the costume. The ears can also be constructed by you with ease or you can purchase a set. To create the ears you will need to use pipe cleaners and a head band for the base. Around the pipe cleaners the grey material should be formed and then in the center of the ear you should have the pink material.

By following these steps you should be able to come up with a pretty great looking Bugs Bunny. Don’t forget the whiskers on your face and also if you want you can create a whole Bugs Bunny head to fit over your face rather than using face paint. The materials you use should be loose fitting to have clothing underneath for a warmer costume on a cold night.

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