How to make a Buffalo Bill costume?

Buffalo Bill of the Wild West may be every boy’s dream of the perfect costume at least once in their life. We have a few instructions and materials listed to help you build the perfect buffalo bill costume. Keep in mind you can change some aspects if you can’t find exactly what is listed here.

##What you need:##

* Leather pant

* Cowboy boots

* Fake shotgun

* Leather jacket (with fringe)

* Leather shirt

* Cowboy hat

* Bandana


Step 1: Buffalo Bill lived in a time with Cowboys and Indians, which means the outfit should resemble that time period. The leather pants should be tan, but you can also wear blue jeans covered in tan chaps if you can’t find the leather pants.

Step 2: The shirt can be leather or your typical cowboy cotton. It is up to you and what is handy.

Step 3: The jacket must be a dark brown leather with fringe on the shoulders, back, and lower jacket. If you cannot find this style jacket in a thrift store consider looking for a fake leather or cotton jacket in the same style.

Step 4: The rest of the costume options needed are accessories. The hat and boots should match the jacket color.

Step 5: The bandana needs to be placed around the neck and tied. It should be in a triangle. The bandana in that time was used to block dust, which is why many had one hanging around their neck when not riding.

Step 6: Now all you need is the gun and you are ready.

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