How to make a Buddy Holly costume

Dress up as one of the Founding Fathers of rock n’ roll with a DIY Buddy Holly costume. Instantly recognizable by his thick black glasses and unique singing style, here’s some tips on how to pull together a memorable 50s costume based on the hitmaker behind songs like “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be the Day##

##Things You’ll Need##

– Black horn rimmed glasses or Buddy Holly Glasses

Wavy black wig

– White button down shirt

Skinny tie

– Blazer (grey or plaid)

– Black dress pants

– Black dress shoes

– Guitar (OPTIONAL)

##Putting together your Buddy Holly costume##

Step 1: Put on a pair of Buddy Holly glasses to instantly begin transforming your look. Put on a wavy black wig or a pompadour wig to get that 50s look down pat.

Step 2: Raid your closet, a relative’s closet, or hit the thrift store and pick up a tweed blazer, plaid sport jacket with a grey base. Put it on over a white button down shirt with a skinny tie.

Step 3: Put on a pair of black dress pants and dress shoes to complete your look.

Step 4: Strap on a guitar and get ready to rock!

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