How to make a Bruno costume

You’ve seen the trailers for the film and you’ve probably seen his rear-end descending from the rafters of the MTV Music Awards directly into Eminem‘s lap. Now you can dress as one of Sascha Baron Cohen’s comic creations by coming up with your own Bruno costume. Flamboyant and fashionable, Bruno is an openly gay Austrian fashion journalist who enjoys being as sensational as he can be and making as many people uncomfortable in the process with his politically incorrect behavior. Give your friends a laugh with a great — and easy to make — Bruno costume of your own!!

##Things You’ll Need##

* L.A. Joe blonde men’s wig

* White button-down men’s shirt (with sleeves removed)

* Scissors

* Skinny black tie

* Faux leather or vinyl pants

* Leather vest

* African American baby doll

##Putting together your Bruno costume##

Step 1: Put on your blonde men’s wig and style accordingly with side-swept bangs. You can use gel or hairspray to hold it in place to look like Bruno’s ‘do!

Step 2: Grab some scissors and turn a white button-down men’s shirt inside out. You will use the scissors to carefully remove the sleeves at the seam. (It would be a terrible fashion faux pas to leave ragged edges!) Once you’re done removing the sleeves, put on the shirt and button it up.

Step 3: Put on a skinny black tie with your shirt.

Step 4: Pull on a pair of black leather (or pleather/vinyl) trousers and tuck in your shirt. Add a classy black leather belt.

Step 5: Put on a black leather vest over your sleeveless shirt.

Step 6: Pick up an African American baby doll to go with your ensemble. (“Madonna’s got one. Angelina’s got one. Now Bruno’s got one!”)

Step 7: Brush up on your best Austrian accent and prepare to offend!

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