How to make a Bolt costume?

Bolt from the 2008 animated film is sure to be on every child’s list as a new costume to have for parties. Bolt is a dog who plays a superhero in a television show. However, he believes he is actually a hero and leaves the studio. Heroes are often a kid’s idea of a great costume for Halloween or other yearly parties. This year Bolt can make the perfect costume, which is why we have a list of materials and instructions to help you create your child’s costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* White fabric

* Black fabric

* Dog collar

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* Pink fabric


Step 1: Bolt is a dog costume, so any dog pattern you can find will go a long way towards getting your child’s costume created. You will want a pattern that allows the child to walk, but also have a mask for the dog face.

Step 2: To create Bolt you need white fabric for the entire body, and even the tail.

Step 3: After making the entire Bolt costume out of white fabric, including the dog ears you will need to start adding the accessories to the costume. Bolt gets his name from two lightning bolt shaped spots one on each side. These can be sewn on after they are cut out from the black fabric.

Step 4: The pink fabric is for the interior of the ears.

Step 5: Depending on what type of mask or Bolt dog head you create you may need some black face paint for your nose.

Step 6: The last step is putting on the dog collar. You will most likely want a collar with the name Bolt written on it and owner information. It makes it a little more fun for the child wearing the costume.

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