How to make a Blitzen Reindeer costume?

Santa has eight reindeer all with rhyming names. This year if you need a costume for a party or play you are in consider Blitzen. Blitzen has many qualities to make him a fine choice. Blitzen is the forward momentum to Santa’s pack. In fact he was the leader until Rudolph had to show him the way. Blitzen has several blitz attacks to get the presents delivered on time to every child for Christmas. To create your Blitzen see the materials and instructions below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Tan fabric

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Black makeup

* Antlers

* Football helmet

* Football jersey

* Black gloves

* Black shoes

* Jingle bell collar


Blitzen can be created from a pattern for the main body. You should follow the instructions provided to make the costume. The brown fabric is for the main body, with the tan fabric for the stomach.

After the body of the reindeer is created you can start to add the accessories. First thing you need to do is glue your antlers to the football helmet. You should find a helmet you don’t mind changing.

Add the football jersey over the reindeer costume and you are almost finished with Blitzen.

The black makeup is for the nose. The black shoes and gloves will symbolize the hooves.

The jingle bell collar should have your “_ìBlitzen”¬ù name on it and then you are ready to join the herd and Santa for delivering gifts. Remember your football moves and blitz your way to the party.

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