How to make a Bill (Kill Bill) costume

The late, great David Carradine played the title character of Quentin Tarantino’s classic cult martial arts films, Kill Bill, Volumes 1 and 2. Bill was known as “Snake Charmer,” the head of an organization of the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad, a band of highly-skilled killers who may well have been the greatest in the world. Calm, cool, and collected, Bill was a skilled swordsman and ruthless leader, attempting to take out his former paramour, The Bride Beatrix Kiddo who was pregnant with his child for leaving him. This action sets the plot into motion with Beatrix plotting her revenge, culminating in her attempt to “Kill Bill.”

##Things You’ll Need##

* Shoulder length grey wig

* Scissors

* Black suit jacket

* Brown faux suede or faux snakeskin

* Fabric glue

* Collarless white shirt

* Black belt

* Black pants

* Cowboy boots

* Flute

* Katana

* Toy Pistol

##Putting together your Bill (Kill Bill) costume##

Step 1: Purchase a long, grey wig in a straight style. You will have to cut it to shoulder length in a slightly blunt, yet masculine style. Once you are done cutting your wig, you may use a bit of pomade or mousse to slick back the sides in a convincing style.

Step 2: Purchase a half-yard to a yard of faux snakeskin fabric in brown to add to your black suit jacket. Cut the fabric (see picture for reference so that it fits over the shoulders of your jacket and can be glued down beneath the lapels with fabric glue. It will add a nice urban-cowboy type contrast to your jacket and requires minimal skill with needle and thread — if any at all!

Step 3: Put on a collarless white shirt beneath your newly spruced-up jacket and a pair of black pants.

Step 4: Add a thin, leather belt over your untucked shirt giving it more of a tunic effect.

Step 5: Accessorize with a toy wooden flute as carried by the character of Bill in the film along with a toy katana blade and a toy pistol.

Step 6: For the finishing touch, put on a pair of cowboy boots in either black, tan, or a faux snakeskin finish to wear beneath your pants. Watch out for anyone crafty enough to try the Five Point Exploding Palm Exploding Heart technique on you!!

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