How to make a Beyonce Single Ladies costume

If Kanye thought it was the best video of all time… of ALL time… then it’s good enough for you to emulate Beyonce with a “Single Ladies” costume of your own creation. If you like it, you don’t have to put a ring on it… Just follow these instructions to get the look!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long light brown wig or blonde wig

* Hairspray

* Hairclip

* Body glitter OR

* Spray tan

* Nude colored tights or pantyhose

* Black one-shouldered bodysuit or black leotard

* Scissors

* Sewing machine or needle and thread

* Gauntlet glove (spraypainted silver)

* Can of silver metallic spraypaint

* Black eyeshadow

* Black liquid eyeliner

* Nude colored lipstick

* Black open-toed heels

##Putting together your Beyonce Single Ladies costume##

Step 1: Put on a long, straight dirty blonde or light brown wig, the closest you can get to Beyonce’s ultra-fabulous weave!

Step 2: Pull the front part of the wig back and backcomb it so that the front part has a bouffant style to it. Secure the wig hair back in place with a hairclip and allow the rest to flow long. Use hairspray to hold your ‘do in place.

Step 2: Put on a pair of nude pantyhose or tights. You’ll probably want a thicker pair of opaque tights with a sheen to them to flatter your legs and keep you warm.

Step 3: Put on a one-shouldered black leotard. Or, make your own by trying on a regular bodysuit or leotard and marking with fabric pencil where you want to cut the sleeve off and make a one-shouldered neckline. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of room to sew the neckline down. Go too low and you’ll have a wardrobe malfunction. It’s SO 2001 and more Janet than Beyonce!

Step 4: Put on your leotard over your tights and apply a coating of spray tan or body glitter to exposed skin to give you Beyonce’s golden glow.

Step 5: Apply your makeup. Line your lips with a nude pencil and fill in with nude or pale pink lipstick. Add black eyeshadow with a slight “wing” effect to your lids, careful not to go past the crease. Add a swoop of liquid eyeliner to intensify the winged eye look.

Step 6: Pick up a gauntlet glove and spraypaint it metallic silver. Wear it on your left hand.

Step 7: Strap on your open-toed dancing shoes and brush up on the “Single Ladies” dance moves that had the whole country dancing along. You are… Sasha Fierce!

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