How to make a bellhop costume?

Bellhops were most prevalent in the past as hotel personnel. Most of the hotels today will not have a bell hop, unless you request one, although the more expensive hotels do still employee bellhops. A bellhop can be considered a concierge. Therefore you have a couple of costume choices if you want to be a bellhop for your next costume party.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric or jacket

* Black or gold buttons

* Gold fabric

* Blue or black dress pants

* Black dress shoes

* Round red hat


Step 1: You can elect to make the bellhop costume from scratch with a pattern or you can buy what you need. We will use a pattern for our idea. The red fabric should be used to create an almost military style jacket. The jacket will come over from one side, and have the other side overlap. This way you actually have two rows of buttons, but the jacket closes past the middle. The jacket will need a collar.

Step 2: To finish the jacket you should sew on patches of gold for shoulder decoration, as well as have a gold ring around the collar and cuffs.

Step 3: The pants are easier for you to purchase. In fact you might have dress pants that will fit the costume. You can also create your own pants if you wish.

Step 4: The hat is going to be round with a strap for under the jaw. It should be a sturdy hat with red material. The hat doesn’t usually fit the entire head, but rather sits on top of the head.

Step 5: The last part of the costume is wearing black dress shoes. Some bellhops also wear white gloves, which you can add to the costume.

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