How to Make a Batman Costume

Every child at some point wants to be a superhero and if Batman is this year’s great costume idea then you might want to make it yourself. There are some really great costumes online, but not everyone wants to purchase the Batman costume when they can make it by hand and add a little love. If this is your preference than look at the things you will need and the steps to creating the costume.

[b]Items You Will Need:[/b]

– Computer

– Grey or Black Body Suit

– Yellow material for belt

– Black material for cape or an already made cape

– Black material for hood

– Batman symbol


Step 1: The main part of Batman costume is the body suit or thermal underwear. The suit doesn’t have to be tight or have the muscles that the movie Batman has. It can just be a simple full length suit that covers the arms and legs as well. Remember to pick an appropriate material for your Halloween weather (the Under Armor will work well in this situation.) If your child is an infant or toddler you can make the main body two pieces, hiding the split by the belt. This makes it easier for them to move around and take breaks when needed.

Step 2: The second most important part of the Batman costume is the hood. Batman’s hood encloses most of the head and face, including the ears and nose. Only the cheeks, mouth, and chin should be visible. You can make the hood by simply cutting a portion of the black satin sheet that you are going to use for the cape, and fitting it around the wearer’s head, making sure to cover the head and face. You might want to consider cutting eye holes in the part that drapes over the forehead, and then you won’t have to worry about a mouth. Use small triangular pieces of the material to make bat ears. The hood can be tied under the chin, and adjusted to make sure all parts that should be covered are.

Step 3: The cape is what helps Batman to fly. The cape should be ankle length, but not so long that it will cause a tripping hazard, with a bat wing-like pattern cut on the bottom (points and scallops.) The cape can tie around the child’s neck loosely to avoid discomfort.

Step 4: The last piece is the utility belt. The belt for most Batman costumes is yellow, but it can also be black. The utility belt should have the bat design for the clasp, which can be made from the material, and fastened using pins, fabric glue, or hook-and-loop fasteners. You can either add plastic toys for the tools or sew designs that look like the Batman gadgets.

Now that you have all the pieces you are ready to make Batman. Just remember black shoes or short boots to complete the costume, and they should be comfortable for walking in.

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