How to make a Baroness (G.I. Joe) costume

An iconic female figure in the GI Joe universe is the Cobra agent known as the Baroness. Played by Sienna Miller in the upcoming live-action G.I. Joe film, The Baroness in the cartoon and comic book of the ’80s was the right-hand woman of Cobra Commander as well as the girlfriend to masked Scottish arms dealer, Destro. Known for her intelligence and ruthlessness, the Baroness is as formidable a Cobra foe as any of her male counterparts… And looks good doing it. You can get the same look with a DIY Baroness costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long black wig

* Glasses

* Longsleeved vinyl catsuit


* Black longsleeved jersey top

* Black vinyl corset

* Black vinyl pants

* Wide, black patent belt with large buckle

* Tall black vinyl boots

* Black vinyl belt

* Red acrylic paint

* Cobra insignia stencil

* Toy guns

##Dressing up as the Baroness##

Step 1: Put on a long black wig and a pair of glasses. Long black hair and school marm-ish glasses are a signature of the Cobra villainess.

Step 2: To pull off the Baroness’ dominatrix-like battle gear, you will need either a longsleeved black vinyl catsuit, or put together your own look with a high-necked black top with long sleeves in a clingy fabric like jersey knit. Layer over your top a boned, black leather or black vinyl corset. Then pull on a pair of tight black vinyl pants.

Step 3: Layer a wide, patent leather belt with a large, decorative buckle over your ensemble.

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Prior to donning your costume, find a pattern of the red Cobra insignia. Make a stencil of it out of paper or cardboard and use it to paint on your costume (either the latex catsuit or the material of your longsleeved black top) for a look straight out of the cartoon or comic.

Step 5: Pull on a pair of tall, black vinyl boots and grab a couple toy guns! Get ready to show the Joes who runs the Cobra show!

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