How to make a barbie scuba diver costume?

Barbie has been around a long time and had many jobs. You can choose any of the jobs or costumes you’ve seen on the Barbie doll. You can even create your own look for Barbie. The thing about making your own Barbie costume is that she is technically anatomically incorrect, so offering a large bust with a very thin waist will help solidify the costume. Typically Barbie is seen with blonde hair, though she has been brunette as well. Most of us think of Barbie as a blonde though. Below we have instructions for how to create a Barbie costume as a scuba diver.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Wet Suit

* Scuba gear with an small empty tank

* Blonde wig

* Bathing suit


With the Barbie scuba diver you need to look authentic so the first thing you need to do is get scuba gear. You don’t have to have the tank or the weights as part of the gear. You can just have the BCD (flotation device), regulator, mask, fins, and snorkel. You can also be snorkel Barbie if you want to carry less as the costume. This would just require mask, fins and a snorkel with the wet suit.

Step 1: Once you have the materials you need for either scuba or snorkel Barbie you can get started with creating the look. The first item will be a bathing suit. This can be any bathing suit with upper body support.

Step 2: In this step you will wear the wet suit over the bathing suit. However, unless it is really cool you can leave the suit unzipped. In fact for sexy Barbie you probably want to find a suit with a front zipper that you can leave open just below your upper torso offering a glimpse of the suit beneath.

Step 3: The snorkel or scuba gear will be carried so that everyone can see your costume idea, but you don’t have to walk around in flippers and a mask.

Step 4: In the final step you will need to wear the blonde wig or style your Barbie hair. The persona of Barbie is what will solidify the costume from being just another snorkel or scuba costume

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