How to make a banana costume?

A banana is the perfect costume for infants or toddlers. It is a cute look that keeps them warm while you are walking around collecting candy. If you don’t want to buy a banana costume this year you can create one of your own. There are some easy steps below to help you out.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Yellow material

* White body suit

* Zipper or Velcro

* Black material

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Thread


Our banana is going to be peeled to offer more room for your infant to move around. You are still going to have a full banana suit, but it will be easier to get the baby from the costume. To start you need yellow material and a banana pattern. The banana shape is pretty easy. You are going to have the bottom be the yellow material with three or four pieces hanging down for the peel.

The white body suit is going to make up the actual banana section you would normally eat. So it can even be an off white or light yellow color. The choice is up to you. The body suit does need to have long sleeves. You may even decide to get an outfit that has a matching hat so the head is also covered.

On the end of the banana that will wrap around the legs you need to have a black piece. As we all know the end of a banana always has that little shade of black. So don’t forget that. You will not need places for arms since the upper body will be peeled. It makes it easier for changing a diaper or taking a toddler to the bathroom. The zipper or Velcro will help the bottom of the banana stay in place.

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