How To Dress Up As Pocahontas

Pocahontas was the young Native American/First Nations girl credited with saving John Smith’s life. Her story was given a very good interpretation in the 1995 Disney movie of the same name.

In reality, Pocahontas was only 12 years old when she first met Capt. John Smith, and according to some sources, would quite possibly have worn no clothing at all when she first encountered Capt. Smith. However, since this would not be very appropriate in this day and age, you can make the one worn by the Disney character, it is very simple to do, requiring only a few materials.


* Yellow or tan smooth leather or faux leather fabric, OR suede or faux-suede fabric. Make sure the fabric looks the same on both sides.

* The same type fabric but in a lighter yellow or tan shade

* Washable marker

* Brown fabric

* A wide piece of light-blue satin material (an old satin pillowcase in this shade will be perfect); a large fake jewel stone of a darker blue

* Safety pins or fabric glue


1. Lay out the darker yellow or tan fabric and fold it from the left side to the right side so that you now have a rectangle shape.

2. Draw a simple dress design on the side of the rectangle facing you. HOWEVER, you want your dress design to have no sleeves and a narrow waist. In addition, you want the neckline to be cut in a “ìwave”¬ù design with the “ìcrests”¬ù being above both breasts and the “_ìtrough”¬ù being between the breasts.

3. Cut through both layers of the folded fabric, following the pattern you drew as described above. You should now have two identical pieces.

4. Attach the two pieces together at the sides, using fabric glue or safety pins. If you use safety pins, as soon as you have joined the two pieces together, turn the costume “_ìinside out”¬ù. This will hide the safety pins.

5. Measure the hem of the now-joined costume so that it falls about mid-thigh or slightly longer, but not to the knee.

6. Cut two wide strips of the lighter material, enough to fit all the way around the costume just under the “ìv”¬ù at the top and around the hem at the bottom. Make pleats in both pieces of the material using fabric glue or safety pins. Alternate between _Ǭº”¬ù and _Ǭ“¬ù pleats all around.

7. Attach one set of pleats about Ǭ“¬ù below the “_ìv”¬ù at the top of the costume; attach the other set at the very bottom of the hem of the costume.

8. Cut a narrow band of brown fabric in a slight “_ìv”¬ù shape to go around the waist.

9. Cut a wide piece of the blue material and fold it in half to make a necklace. Attach the fake jewel stone to the very edge so that it will lay against the wearer’s skin. Tie or pin the material at the back of the neck.

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