How To Dress Up As Buddy The Elf


A pair of pumpkin-orange or lemon-yellow leggings or tights (fluorescent will be OK.) Very tight-fitting athletic pants or baseball “_ìslider”¬ù pants will work also.

A forest-green man’s or lady’s housecoat, with a “_ìhidden”¬ù zipper. The length should be somewhere between the knee and thigh-no shorter or no longer. The material can either be fake fur or microfiber.

* White fake fur material

* green, yellow, and black craft foam

* Fabric glue or safety pins

* Black ballet-type house slippers.


1.Put the housecoat on the wearer, zip it up, and mark the spot where the front falls even with or slightly below the belly button.

2.Use scissors to form a scallop pattern, starting at the point you marked in front and going around to the back. You want the front of the housecoat to be open at the mark and the scallop to gradually lengthen as you go around to the back so that the back of the outfit is the same length as the original housecoat length was.

3.Cut the yellow and green craft foam into decorative curlicue figures. Attach them to either side of the zipper and follow the scallop border, alternating colors as you go along.

4.Cut three wide strips of white fake fur for the sleeve cuffs and collar. Attach them to the appropriate places. Make a slit in the front of the collar so that it will appear to be a “_ìsplit”¬ù collar.

5.Cut a piece of green craft foam in the shape of a triangle. Glue or pin it to the middle of a circle of craft foam. You can also cut pieces of cardboard and attach the craft foam to them to make the hat stand up better. Attach a band of yellow craft foam halfway between the bottom and top of the triangle.

6.Make the belt by cutting a wide piece of black craft foam and using yellow craft foam to make the buckle.

7.Cut small triangles from the black craft foam and attach it with fabric glue to the house slippers to make pointy-toe elf shoes.

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