How to do Freddy Krueger Make-up

To get the burned nasty look shown here, I started with 3-D Gel by Mehron. The instructions with it say to simply put it in a cup of hot water and wait until it liquifies. I had the big 2 fl.oz. bottle, and it refused to do anything but get mildy warm on my first attempt. There was nothing liquid about it. So I boiled water on the stove, poured that into a large coffee cup, sat the bottle down in it and prayed the whole thing wouldn’t melt.

It took a few tries before the contents started getting squishy, though they were nowhere close to being ready to squirt out of the small opening in the bottle lid. Being impatient, and somewhat worried about a complete meltdown, I tested the contents by jamming a chopstick down the side and jiggling it around. The center of the bottle was still pretty solid, but the sides were starting to get soft. I gave the bottle one more heating before it was gooey enough to work with.

It’s best to start with a freshly washed, but thoroughly dry face. You don’t want to have any make-up, surface oils or lotion on your skin or the gel will not stick as well. My application tool of choice was a chopstick because I never did get the bottle fully melted, but you can use anything from a real make-up brush to your fingers. The guy at the costume shop where I bought the gel at said he used a popsicle stick. My method was to jam the chopstick in the bottle, swirl it around so the gel stuck to it, then quickly smear it in big globs on my face. It takes full commitment at this point.

I just kept going until the entire area was covered. The gel is safe to use over hair, and later in the evening I was relieved when it peeled right off without taking my eyebrow with it. The directions say to keep messing with it to get the right effect, but I found that if I messed with it, then it peeled right off my face in big clumps. So I adopted a method of smear, squash and don’t touch. If anything needed smoothing, then wet fingertips worked best. The gel didn’t feel bad at all going on. It was like putting on a warm oatmeal mask.

It takes a while to fully dry, but you can start applying make-up while it is still a little sticky. When I was doing test spots on my arm, it took nearly an hour to completely dry. So for the face, I waited until I could tap it without with sticking to my finger and coming off my face. It dries to a light peachy tan color. I first covered the entire mess with liquid foundation to even out the sticky parts. Then I applied dark brown eyeshadow and dark blush with a blush brush, creating a mottled burnt look by putting it on in different spots and blending it all together.

The next step was applying the fake blood. I used Squirt Blood by Mehron in the Dark Venous shade. The squirt blood is thinner than stage blood, and is good for splattered and dripping effects. I squirted it right out of the bottle to make slash marks and then used my fingertips to rub some of it in various spots on my face, accentuating some of the bloody looking areas. I also applied it around the edges of the gel to make it blend into my skin. I then gave the finished gory masterpiece a couple sprays with Ben Nye Final Seal to protect my hard work.

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