How to CRUSH a Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) Costume

Going to a Social Media Tweet Up costume party this year? If so, you’ll want to CRUSH it!

### You’ll need… ###

* A button down shirt, preferably with vertical stripes and a white collar.

* Wine library TV wristbands. Authentic ones are hard to come by, but you can make them easily enough. Making them would probably be even funnier.

* a Wine glass. Hopefully the party can supply the wine. But don’t go empty handed! GaryVee would never arrive at a party without at least one bottle.

* NY Jets props

* Spit bucket with a NY Jets sticker on it. (The bucket could actually come in handy.)

* The short dark hair and big eyebrows are a plus, but don’t let that stop you if you can’t pull that off.

### Then you’ve got to act the part. ###

Gary is nothing if he isn’t over the top. You’ll be doing a lot of shouting.

“GOOD Morning my name is GARY VAY pause NER pause CHIUK! and this my friends is the thunder show a.k.a. the Internet’s most passionate wine show…”

Hang out at the bar next to a few bottles of wine. Do a pour, take a sniffy-sniff (that’s critical). Compare the wine to various random things like topps bubble gum, dirt, cleaning detergent, and raquetball. (the latter is a good flavor, FYI) . At which point you should mention how awesome the Jets are and how they’re going to win it all, and how much the Patriots suck.

Sip the wine and swish it through your teeth about 6 times as LOUDLY as you possibly can. Make a few faces and rate the wine.

There are more than 700 Wine Library TV videos to choose from to study and get the character down.

### Don’t be afraid to: ###

* Drop the F-bomb

* Be “Yourself” and by that I mean be loud, exuberant, and animated about everything.

* Talk about the Jets, Twitter, your DNA, and say CRUSH IT a lot.

* Talk about your family and how much you love them.

Now get over to WineLibaryTV and watch some videos.

If you really want to Crush it, bring a bunch of “Crush it!” books by Gary Vaynerchuck, available at a local or online stores on October 13th. If you buy a three, you can get a wristband.

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