How to Create Year One Couples Costumes

Year One is a new movie coming out in June 2009. Like most of Jack Black’s movies we can expect hilarity and a bit of foolishness. Even for individuals who are not Jack Black fans there is something in this movie for everyone- the Costumes! The plot talks about two men who travel around in early stories of the Bible. They meet Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and even Abraham. The two main characters of the film Zed, played by Jack Black, and Oh, Michael Cera, are two cavemen like individuals. Depending on what type of couples costume you want there is definitely going to be something for everyone. We are going to explore the two cavemen travelers in this how to, but don’t forget about Adam and Eve for another idea.

##Materials Needed:##

*Fake Fur

*Leather Boots




Step 1: Visiting a site like or will help you find the materials you need for the costume. Cavemen costumes generally have fake fur as the main body of the costume. You can either purchase the fake fur or purchase a brown fabric that appears a lot like fur. It should be plush if you go with this secondary option.

Step 2: Once you have the materials you need you can begin to design the couple’s costume. The main part of the costume will be shorts in design or if you wish it can be a loin cloth. It depends on how much cover you want to afford yourself. The loin cloth shorts design presents an opportunity to be covered more appropriately especially if this costume is for a colder time of the year.

Step 3: After the loin cloth there is the coat to design, for lack of a better description. The fake fur will be used as a wrap. Since cavemen technically could not sew they just used strips of leather and animal hide to fashion upper body covering. You can do the same.

Step 4: The next step is the leather boots. You may elect to start with Roman sandals to get the right shape for the boots. You can then add fake leather around the straps to make them look more like boots. You could also make the boots from scratch depending on your talents.

Step 5: Lastly you just need to pick up a club or bat. The club does need to be wood, with a thick end. Cavemen were noted for using clubs to kill animals and enemies.

You can vary the design of your costume creation to make both Oh and Zed. You could also use a Zed costume to modify it a little for a female cave person. The female design just has more to the main part of the costume before using the furs for over covering.

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