How to Create US Marshal Costume

U.S. Marshals are still in existence today, though they have very old roots, dating to the old West period. Their looks have changed slightly depending on which Hollywood rendition you look at. This particular look for a US Marshal has come from the new film Shutter Island. The film is set in the 1950’s which offers us clothing from that era. This year for your costume party, if you want a different look you might consider this US Marshal.


* Trench Coat (Tan)

* White Dress Shirt

* Brown Dress Pants

* Hawaiian Tie

* Fedora

* Brown Dress Shoes

* Badge


Step 1: Sometimes a budget is very important to your costume option. You might not be able to afford the costume that is premade, if you find this is the case. The information here might help. There are numerous places you can shop for second hand items. Thrift stores, eBay, and online stores based on discount offerings will provide you an avenue to get all the materials listed above. The clothing needs to look worn anyway, so these are your best options.

Step 2: To begin the costume creation, you will need a long sleeve white dress shirt, with brown dress pants. Over this you should have a brown vest, left unbuttoned.

Step 3: The tie can really be anything you have, but if you want to look like DiCaprio in the movie consider a Hawaiian like tie with bright green and pink flowers.

Step 4: As a marshal you should be dressed to look good, thus belt, shined brown dress shoes, and the hardened look of Police Official are required.

Step 5: Once you have the clothes on grab the Fedora of tan or gray and the tan trench coat.

You are almost ready to hit the party, all you need is a little scruff on the face, and your badge, you are ready!

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