How to Create The Wolfman Costume

The Wolfman was a very popular movie character, and also title of the film. The first film was released in 1941, but a resurgence of the idea has led to a remake being released in April 2009. If you are looking for a new werewolf costume for your next costume party, consider our how to on the Wolfman.

##Materials Needed:##

* Faux Fur

* Fake Hair

* Fangs

* Torn shirt and pants

* Fake Nails

* Black Boots


Step 1: The transformation for wolfman will take a while. There are numerous parts to create and materials to find. The first thing you need to do is go shopping for the materials listed above. Fabric stores such as will have the fur you need. They may also have the fake nails, fake hair, and fangs. If not you can always shop at a costume store like Costumzee for those supplies.

Step 2: Now that you have the fur you must begin creating the werewolf part of the costume. The best thing to do is to take the torn shirt and attach the fake fur. Basically at the chest where the shirt will part you will want to attach the fur. You also want to attach fur at the cuffs. This way you are still going to look like a werewolf, but not be as hot.

Step 3: Next to the torn pants you will need to sew on some fur. You should have slits strategically placed on the legs of the pants. Between these slits you will want to sew the fake fur.

Step 4: The black boots should be mid calf length. You will attach fake fur to the top of the boots and the sides of the boots. Basically the boots are going to help you get the fur on your lower leg and the tops of your feet. To the ends of the boots you will attach part of the fake nails.

Step 5: You will also need hand coverings. You can either buy gloves or make some gloves out of the fake fur. Either way your hands need to be very furry. You will also attach fake nails to the ends of the gloved fingers.

Step 6: Now for the face. You could take all of this year to grow out a face covering beard or you can use fake fur again. This time it needs to be fake facial hair. You will want to cover your chin, sides of your face up into the hair line. You also want hair to hang down over the forehead.

Step 7: Once the hair is in place all you need is your killer fangs. You are now the Wolfman!

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