How to Create the Missing Link Costume

The Missing Link is a character from Monsters vs. Aliens. The movie was release in April 2009 for children to enjoy. The Missing Link is a 20,000 year old fish ape hybrid. He was found frozen and then thawed by scientists. He does have extreme practice with martial arts making him an asset to the monsters in the fight.

##Materials Needed:##


Sewing machine

Green fabric

White fabric


Since the Missing Link is a cross between a fish and an ape we will need two different patterns from

You can also purchase the material from there as well.

Step 1: To begin you will need to create a fish like body. This body needs to have a tail with spikes. You can make the jump suit out of the green material with a white belly. The lower half of the jump suit should be all fish, except for the coverings for your legs.

Step 2: The arms and chest of the Missing Link needs to be more like a gorilla. However on the arms you will want to have spikes. These spikes should run up the back side of the green arms.

Step 3: To finish the costume you will need a head. This head should be fully encased, so that you see out of the mouth. The mouth needs to have wide lips, with gorilla like teeth. On the back side of the head it should be green with fish spikes. You will need fake eyes to go on the top of your head. You will also need gills and ears.

This will finish the Missing Link and help you be quite a monster!

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