How to Create The Count (Sesame Street) Costume

Sesame Street’s “ìFollow that Bird”¬ù has just had its 25th anniversary. DVD companies have just released the movie in a special 25th anniversary edition. If you want to welcome your favorite stars on their 25th anniversary consider creating your own Sesame StreetìThe Count”¬ù costume. The Count is all about numbers, and perfect for a math lover!

##Materials Needed:##

* Dracula Cape

* White dress shirt

* Yellow and Red Sash

* Black dress pants

* Black dress shoes

* Black suit jacket

* Purple paint

* Vulcan ears

* Purple gloves

* Purple face makeup

* Eyebrow pencil

* Black wig


Step 1: Finding the supplies is easy. You can visit thrift stores,, and even eBay for the materials you need.

Step 2: The first thing you will need to do is paint the Vulcan ears purple. Count has pointed ears which means you need them too.

Step 3: While the ears are drying you can go ahead and get dressed in the black suit with the white dress shirt and sash.

Step 4: Once you have the main part of the clothing on you can swing your cape around. The cape does need to have a high collar to sit around the neck.

Step 5: The makeup will need to come next. Your face should be entirely covered with purple theatre makeup. Once the makeup is in place you can draw on exaggerated black eyebrows.

Step 6: The face is in place now, so put on the black wig if you need it and then check the ears. If the ears are ready put them on.

Step 7: Tie your shoes and put on the purple gloves for the counts hands.

You are now ready to grace the 25th anniversary party for Sesame Street characters as The Count.

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