How to Create The Blob (X Men Origins Wolverine) Costume

Frederick J. Dukes better known as The Blob is a super- villain from Marvel Comics. The Blob was introduced in X-Men comic number 3, which was released in 1964. The Blob like most characters in the comics is a mutant. He has a lot of pliable mass which gives him strength and gravitational pull. He is a very large bully as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants and Freedom Force. X Men Origins Wolverine is being released in May 2009. The movie is going to bring the character of the Blob to viewers in a live action creation. The character will be portrayed by Kevin Durand. For those who wish to be a bad guy you might find the Blob is the perfect costume for you this year.

Materials Needed:

White undershirt

Black pants

Fat suit

Black Boots

Bald Cap


Step 1: The Blob is a mass of flesh. You have two choices in creating the Blob suit. You can purchase a fat suit or make your own. If you are going to make your own you will need flesh covered material from You will also need to get cotton bunting or stuffing and a pattern. The suit should be four times too large for you because inside you are going to stuff it with the bunting and then close it off so the stuffing will not fall out. You should increase the size of your neck, arms, hands, and legs. You may opt out of making the suit fall below your ankles. However, you can also make enlarged feet to fit the overall picture. This will give you a basic blob like appearance.

Step 2: Once the suit has been created you will need to dress it. The top portion of the costume is a white undershirt. It should be just a little small so that it rides up the belly.

Step 3: The pants you choose can be knit or cotton. They should be black, and large enough to fit over the suit without trouble.

Step 4: The boots need to be combat boots in style. Depending on how you have made the suit you may elect to wear boots you have or you can try and find shoes that would fit the blob body you create.

Step 5: The Blob is bald, therefore you need a skull cap which will cover your hair giving you the right look.

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