How to Create Sid (Ice Age 3) Costume

Sid the Sloth is a lonely guy just looking for a family in the first Ice Age film. In the second trouble erupts between his friends again, yet they persevere. Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs is coming out in July 2009 presenting the third film and thus a trilogy based on the Ice Age. If Sid is a favored character you may wish to create your own costume rather than finding a sloth costume already made.

##Materials Needed:##

* Medium brown fabric

* Tan fabric

* Fake nails

* Buck teeth

* Brown fabric

* Fake eyes

* Fake eye lashes

* Animal pattern


Step 1: is just one fabric store you can find the above materials in. You may also try Michaels craft stores.

Step 2: After gathering the items listed above you can begin on Sid the Sloth. If at all possible try and find a sloth pattern. If you cannot a squirrel or other like animal pattern can work.

Step 3: Begin the costume by creating the main body. To do this, make a jumpsuit which has legs and arms. In fact the arms and legs should have covering for the hands and feet. The jumpsuit will be made from the medium brown fabric, except for the tummy, chest, and neck. In a small pattern the tan fabric should overlap the brown. (See image for better explanation). The jump suit should extend all the way to the top of your neck, making it appear as long as possible.

Step 4: To the hands and feet you will need to apply four nails to each appendage. Try to find the longest tan nails you can for the desired effect.

Step 5: Now comes the head. You will use your own head, but you get a bit of license with this. First Sid’s head is squat, but wide. So you need to make the hood extend past your own cheeks. On the side of the head you should attach the fake eyes and eyelashes. You will still need to see, so ensure you have left enough of a hole for your eyes to see through. Your own nose can be covered with the darker brown fabric. Attach the two buck teeth to your own, and allow the fabric to be just a little wider than your mouth as you sew it together.

Manny will want to join your grudgingly, so make sure you have enough time to make him too!!

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