How to Create Sarek (Star Trek 2009) Costume

Sarek or Ambassador Sarek is one of the recurring characters in the Star Trek SciFi series. Sarek is going to be in the latest Star Trek movie to be released in May of 2009. The film is much anticipated since rumors revolved for the last couple years that a new movie would not be made. Hollywood keeps the surprise up as they continually create a new movie for the ongoing saga. If Sarek is your favorite character or you just do not want to follow everyone else in the Spock department consider our steps below to create your own Sarek costume.

Materials Needed:

Red robe

Grey wig

Vulcan ears

Grey dress shirt

Black pants

Black boots

Gold necklace

Ruby ring


Step 1: The first thing you will want to do is find the appropriate robe. You can certainly make your own with fabric from or These two stores supply many colors and choices in fabric. However, if you do not want to make your own you can find dark red robes at thrift stores and other discount locations. The robe should be more like a graduation gown or judges robes.

Step 2: Underneath the robes you should wear a grey dress shirt and black pants. The shirt can be loose fitting, but the pants should be form fitting.

Step 3: The black boots will need to be mid calf in height, but can be any black boot you can locate.

Step 4: Once you have all the clothing assembled and on you can attend to the accessories for the costume.

Step 5: the accessories such as the ring and necklace can be fake jewellery found in a toy store or something you personally own.

Step 6: The grey wig will have to be bought. The hair should be short, about an inch in length. It should also be very straight at the forehead, ears, and around the back of the neck.

Step 7: Lastly you will need Vulcan ears. These ears will go over your own and add a point to them. If you do not wish to buy your own consider using theatre makeup techniques to create them from putty.

Now that you have your ears and clothing you are ready to be Ambassador Sarek!

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