How to Create Sabertooth (X-men Origins: Wolverine) Costume

X- Men as a comic and films have been extremely popular with people in America. Perhaps this is the reason Hollywood has created a new X- Men movie. The new move X Men Origins Wolverine is being released in theatres in May 2009. The story is about Wolverine versus Sabertooth. Sabertooth has undergone a new look since the first movie. Part of the different look is because of the time frame of both characters being before the first X-men. You can choose between the different costume ideas for your how to, but we have some steps that might help you get started.

Materials Needed:

Army Green Undershirt

Army Green Cargo Pants

Black Belt

Military Tags

Military Boots

Green or Black trench coat

Fake nails

Fake hair (optional)


The first time we were introduced to Sabertooth in the movies was X- Men. In this movie he had very long dirty blonde hair, with a face covered in hair to resemble a sabertooth animal. He also had very long claws and wore a

tan trench coat. This look has changed for the new movie.

Step 1: You will need to find a pair of cargo pants and a shirt in army green. The outfit should look worn, and perhaps the shirt should have a few holes in it.

Step 2: Next you will need a nylon black belt for the pants and military tags to hang around your neck.

Step 3: Over this outfit you will want the dirty black or green trench coat.

Step 4: The black boots should be military in style and come up to mid calf. Again they should look worn, so a thrift shop might be the best place to shop or Army Surplus.

Step 5: If you can grow sideburns before you need the costume you are more than welcome to. Otherwise you can purchase fake sideburns from costume or theatre makeup sites. You may also want more of a military cut to your hair style, but this is optional.

Step 6: After the rest of the costume is in place you will need the fake nails to create Sabertooth’s claws. These are shown less in the 2009 movie, but still important.

For the most part the new Sabertooth look likes a military guy, but you can enhance your features to be more cat like with fangs and claws. You can also elect to be the original Hollywood version of Sabertooth.

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