How to Create Raizo Costume

Raizo is a Ninja Assassin. The movie Ninja Assassin will be released in November 2009. The plot is simple Raizo sees the murder of his friend and fellow Ninja by the Ozunu Clan where they trained. Bent on revenge Raizo becomes entangled in a plot. For those looking for a different style costume this year for Halloween or even a costume party a Ninja Assassin like Raizo or Rain may just fit what you are looking for.

##Materials Needed##

Ninja pants

Ninja Swords

Ninja shoes

Theatre makeup

Black wig


The costume for Raizo is fairly simple, until you get to the wounds he incurs during the movie. You may want to start with the wounds first. In this way the makeup can be setting while you are working on getting the rest of the costume put together.

Step 1: Taking theatre putty used for making cuts look real in the movies you would need to create some long gashes. These gashes will adhere to your torso and even one for the face. They should look raw, and just a little bit bloody. About four gashes will do.

Step 2: You have a couple of choices when it comes to the Ninja pants. You can purchase a pair from your local Karate store or thrift shop. You can also make them from scratch. It is your choice and your budget that will help you decide. The pants should be black.

Step 3: Once you have the pants and the gashes you can begin to dress. Do not forget the Ninja style shoes. These shoes provide you covering for your feet, but can help you climb with the split toe design.

Step 4: You will need to have some type of belt or harness for the Ninja swords. You should have two. There are a few choices to make. For costume purposes the swords should be fake Katana or Samurai swords.

Now all you need is a black wig if your hair does not already fall under that category and you are Raizo the Ninja Assassin.

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