How to Create Princess Inanna Costume

Princess Inanna is a character from Year One. The movie is to be released on June 19th starring Jack Black. Prince Inanna is played by Olivia Wilde. The plot is pretty simple in the movie. Jack Black’s character along with a friend from the Caveman period will be touring the world. They eventually meet Princess Inanna. Her costume is different from other princess outfits a daughter might wear. It puts a different spin on princess bringing us something a little bit new.

##Materials Needed##

Yellow Sheet

White Sheet

Gold Leaf Crown

Gold arm adornments

Roman Sandals


Princess Inanna looks more like a Roman or Egyptian princess in her costume. Therefore your costume will need to look like this over a cavewoman costume.

Step 1: The materials listed below are pretty easy to find or make. To begin the costume you will need to create a toga. You will probably want to sew one together rather than try the intricate overlapping needed to mesh the white and yellow together. The yellow should lay across the white, so making a dress from a white sheet will do the trick.

Step 2: Once the toga has been sewn together you will be ready to add the accessories. Since she is a princess Inanna will need a crown. The Roman gold leaf crown will suffice. It should be placed in the hair, while the hair remains down. Long hair would be needed for the costume.

Step 3: The arm adornments can be fake gold, and resemble anything you can find such as symbols, serpents, of anything else. They just need to be a matching set on the upper arms.

Step 4: The last thing you need for this costume are the sandals. Roman sandals work the best with the flat shoe, and leather straps up the mid calf.

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