How to Create Poseidon Costume

Poseidon is one of the top 12 gods on Mount Olympus according to Greek Mythology. A new movie was recently released which brings the old Mythological characters back to the forefront in a different way. Instead of seeing the past with Greek Gods and Goddesses reigning over all like in the TV show Hercules we were given a more modern tale using New York. Whatever, appearance Poseidon makes he is a great costume idea. We offer a look at how to create your own version.


* Gold Fabric

* Toga/ Tunic

* Silver Fabric

* Greek Symbols

* Foam


Step 1: There are numerous ways you can create Poseidon costumes. You just have to look at the history of film and you will see that many looks have been attributed to this god. You will want to select the look that you prefer, such as the one above or perhaps the one from the latest Greek Mythology movie- The Lightning Thief.

Step 2: After you decide on your look you can find the fabrics listed above. is one place to find fabric at a good rate. They have an online store or local locations if you wish. If you decide against the Greek armor you would not need the silver fabric or Greek symbols. On the cheap you can use an old sheet to create a toga look.

Step 3: You can also find a pattern that will help you create the tunic, armor, or other look you are hoping for with Poseidon.

Step 4: The main part of the costume is not what you wear, but instead the Trident. The trident is Poseidon’s power tool that allows him to control the water around him. You have a couple of methods for creating this tool. You can fashion one out of metal, which would be heavy. You also have the option of using wood. You can carve a wooden staff and attach the three spires to the top. For an easy option you can just use foam and then cover it in gold fabric to get the right look.

Step 5: All you need to complete the look is the hair. You can use any color hair, though white or blonde are most common. The hair should be a bit long, with a beard and mustache to compliment the look.

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