How to Create Peter Pan Crocodile Costume

While crocodiles usually instill terror, the Crocodile from Peter Pan provides a bit of whimsy. To bring the essence of this crocodile to life you might have to make him from scratch. Sure there are mascot costumes you can purchase, but does that really say Peter Pan? In the following tutorial we will help you get the right look, terror, and fun into your costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Crocodile Pattern

* Green Fabric with metallic properties

* Pink Fabric

* Red Fabric

* Yellow Eyes

* White Fabric

* Pipe Cleaners or Florist Wire or Bailing Wire

* Clock


Step 1: Visit,, or to find patterns and the fabric you need for the costume. The pattern will give you the basic appearance of the crocodile to help you get the right shape. Consider using the picture above to give it that whimsical look.

Step 2: Follow the directions on the pattern you find. We are creating a one toned crocodile, but your pattern might ask for two different colors. If you notice the crocodile from Peter Pan is all one green. The shimmering material adds a little more to the look.

Step 3: The pipe cleaners or other wire will help you get the curve you need for the crocodile’s mouth. The cleaner or wire you use will depend on the heaviness of your fabric. The white fabric, red, and pink will help make the teeth, mouth, and tongue.

Step 4: For the tongue you want it to hang out of the mouth, like your crocodile is anticipating the human taste of Captain Hook!

Step 5: To make the costume more whimsical consider adding a regular alarm clock. It should definitely have that ticking noise. The clock can be stuck in the crocs mouth or you can hang it around your neck.

Step 6: As you are making the costume from the pattern it will tell you exactly when to put the eyes in. The eyes you choose need to be yellow with dark centers.

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