How to Create Nurse (Star Trek 2009) Costume

The USS Enterprise has all the staff members they need in order to stay up in space. One of the staff is a nurse who helps keep the wounded patched up. If you want a costume not everyone will choose for your next costume party consider the Star Trek Nurse costume. There have been a couple of different nurse costumes over the years, but this one will be more akin to the new decade and fit well within the new movie.

Materials Needed:

Red Dress

USS Enterprise Logo

Black Tee Shirt



Black Boots


Step 1: Thrift stores and discount stores are a great place to find the clothing you will need for this costume. Before you head out though, we have a few steps to help you get the right outfit.

Step 2: The red dress is the main part of the costume. The dress is like a mesh material without being see through. The skirt of the dress should reach mid thigh. Just below the chest the dress should have a line to make it more appealing in looks. The neckline will need to be a slight V-neck, but nothing revealing. The dress is also short sleeve, and form fitting, without being tight.

Step 3: Underneath the dress you will need a black tee shirt with a regular neck. In other words it should have a high collar, rather than being scoop necked or V necked.

Step 4: The boots you need should reach mid calf. They can be any type of ladies boots.

Step 5: The nurse from the movie has long brown hair, but you do not need to. If you want you can add the wig. You can also add some jewellery if you wish.

Step 6: Before dressing you will need to place the USS Enterprise patch on the left breast of the dress. These patches can be found for sale online at Trekkie sites and placed like eBay.

Step 7: To complete the costume grab your star trek weapon, and stethoscope. You are ready to play Nurse!

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