How to Create Neptune Costume

The time to lord over the sea is now! If you want to be a god then here is your chance. Neptune the god of water and the sea is a perfect costume for warm climate Halloweens or costume parties. Sure you can find Disney Triton costumes based on the animated film the Little Mermaid, but why not look at a more budget conscious option. Our Neptune idea can rival any costume you might find to purchase readymade, and you get the added benefit of knowing you created it.

##Materials Needed:##

* White Sheet

* Dye

* Rope

* Brown Fabric

* Grey Beard

* Trident

* Crown

* Roman Sandals


Step 1: You can purchase the fabric at or You may also want a pattern to make a tunic with.

Step 2: Take the white sheet or really any sheet you have. You will want to dye it brown and blue, as the colors of sand and sea. It will help you symbolize the Earth and its oceans.

Step 3: While the sheet is drying you will need to make the tunic. It should be like a shirt with long sleeves. In fact if you cannot afford the fabric and pattern find a brown shirt that can look a little medieval and use that instead.

Step 4: Now that the time is upon you to dress for the party you will need to put on the shirt or tunic. Then over the tunic wrap the bed sheet in a toga style. This means the sheet should go over one shoulder, and go down to your ankles. Use the rope to hold the tunic in place and add a little more to the Neptune look you are creating.

Step 5: The Roman sandals are hard to make so if you cannot find some cheap options consider wearing regular brown sandals. The Roman sandals are different in that they have the leather strap running up your leg.

Step 6: For your face you will need to put on the gray beard and a gray wig. The hair should be slightly curly to give you the right look.

Step 7: Top your head with the crown and grab your trident as you are ready to become Neptune at your costume party.

Bring Ariel or another Greek God along if you want to spice up the party!

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