How to Create Mrs. Claus Gnome Costume

Santa Gnome cannot make Christmas without his Mrs. Claus. This year instead of being the traditional Mrs. Claus we thought it might be fun to add a little something different to the costume list. If you wish to be Mrs. Claus Gnome keep reading because we have a few ideas for you. Every year Mrs. Claus is dressed in a red dress with a white apron with a gray wig. While this will not change over much there are definitely a few things that will enhance the look.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red Fabric

* Green Fabric

* White Apron

* Gnome Hat

* Elf Shoes

* Cotton

* Grey Wig

* Round Glasses


Step 1: If you already have a Mrs. Claus costume you can just add a few changes to make it slightly Gnome like. If you are starting from scratch shop at an online store like for the fabric, sewing thread, and pattern you will need.

Step 2: A Gnome costume is traditionally a tunic, so instead of the traditional Mrs. Claus dress you will want an oversized tunic for the pattern. The tunic should be red with cotton trimming and two front pockets. Remember to make the tunic long sleeve. You may also want to add a little padding to your costume, so leave room for that with the tunic size. Gnomes are rather short and full bodied.

Step 3: The white apron can be anything or even a Christmas apron. The apron will help snug the tunic a bit if you have some extra room.

Step 4: Green fabric will be used for the Elf Shoes and Gnome Hat unless you wish to buy readymade shoes and hat. The shoes need to have the little curl at the toe, and the Gnome hat should be cylindrical. You may need pipe cleaners to get the hat to remain stiff and tall because you do not want it flopping over.

Step 5: Don’t forget to grab Santa Gnome and your freshly baked cookies once you put the white or gray hair and glasses in place!!

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