How to Create Marcus Wright (Terminator Salvation) Costume

Marcus Wright is one of the characters from the new Terminator movie Terminator Salvation. The movie is to be released in 2009. Marcus is a wild card character. He is actually one of the terminators. In 2018 he is sentenced to jail where he met Karl Reese. They are attacked by T-600, yet they live. This is where Marcus Wright meets Kate Connor and John Connor. As a secondary character you may find his costume more appealing or at least different from John Connor or one of the robots. There are some tips below for how to create his costume.

Materials Needed:

Black shirt

Black Jeans

Black Boots

Tan Duster


Most of the characters from Terminator Salvation are going to offer you a human look. It is hard to decide where you need to leave off with the costume in order to make the statement that you are a character from the plot.

Step 1: To begin you will need to find the materials listed above. Most of these items you will either have in your closet or can find at a thrift store.

Step 2: The shirt and jeans should look worn and a little torn. After all your character has escaped a T-600.

Step 3: The boots need to be combat in style to about the mid calf, they should also look worn.

Step 4: The tan duster needs to be very worn, and dirty. It should look as though you have been through a war really. It should also be to your ankles in length.

Step 5: Since you have been in a fight with T-600 you should look bruised and a little beaten. You can use theatre makeup to give yourself a few cuts, bruises, and basically that fighting look.

Step 6: Since your costume could be just about anyone you will either want to have a T-600 along with your party or your name printed on the duster. This helps others find out what character you are playing.

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