How to Create Mala (Battle for Terra) Costume

The Battle for Terra is a new animated film using CGI which will be released in theatres on May 1st 2009. The plot of the film revolves around a battle between Aliens and Humans. The human race is homeless due to earth being damaged. Now they are looking at an alien planet which faces annihilation. The land is called Terra. Mala a teenager from the planet and a Terrian is trying to stop the destruction of her planet from occurring. Mala falls in love with Jim Stanton a fighter pilot and human.

This new movie will be a hit among children, especially females looking for a heroin who can battle to save her father as well as the one she loves. If you are looking for a new costume Mala may just be the right fit. Below we have information on how to create your own version.

##Materials Needed:##

* Pink and white polka-dot fabric

* Nude fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* Green belt

* Green hair band

* Brown wig


Step 1: Shop for the fabrics listed above at stores like or Both stores should have what you need to create the Terrian Mala.

Step 2: First you will need to get a pattern for a dress. The dress should have no sleeves and be slightly form fitting. Using the pink polka- dot material you will need to make the dress. The dress should extend down to the ankles. In fact you will also need it to have a train. Mala has no feet, but for your costume you will definitely need to have a way to walk. By creating the dress slightly long you can have it short enough in the front to walk, but also keep the “_ìtail”¬ù that Mala has for feet.

Step 3: Once the dress has been created you will need to form the upper part of Mala’s body. Her hands only have two fingers and a thumb like digit. By using the nude material you should be able to create two gloves that blend in with your skin. Just make sure they have the right number of fingers by pairing your pinky and ring finger in one finger and the index and middle finger in the other finger.

Step 4: You will also need an alien face. By taking the rest of the nude material you can cover your head completely. The hood should go to your neck, to fit slightly under the dress. You will need to cut out eye holes, and a mouth. Your nose should just be small slits.

Step 5: As you create the hood for your face you will need to make it like an elf hat. In other words it should have a long thin tail. Around the material at the base of the skull you will need to attach the green hair band. To the top of your head place a small patch of brown hair on your head. You will need to sew it in place.

Step 6: The last step in creating Mala is putting the green belt around your waist.

You now officially look like Mala!!

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