How to Create Little Green Men Costumes!

Movies are often a great source of costumes and Aliens in the Attic will be no different. This new movie is giving us four “_ìlittle green men”¬ù for costumes at your next party or Halloween. The movie is to be released in theatres on July 31st, 2009. The premise is that aliens are invading a vacation home. There are four aliens called Skip, Assassin, Razor, and Sparks. Though, part of the costumes vary they can all follow the same basic design that is shared below.

##Materials Needed##

Green Fabric

Blue leggings or jeans

Red Scarf

Weapon Harness

Military Vest





Step 1: To begin you will need to shop for the green fabric and a pattern. You may find what you need at or

Step 2: The main costume is giving you an appearance of a green alien. Therefore you will need to devise a body suit that fits like skin. It should even have a full hood to it. The hood should give you the appearance of being bald as well as giving you a slight ET look. The mask you create will need pointed ears so you might consider Spock ears that you paint green.

Step 3: After the alien skin has been created you can begin to accessorize for the alien you wish to be. The main Alien Skip wears a red scarf tied around his head, a weapon harness, and blue pants with black boots.

Step 4: Sparks is a smaller Alien with a more rounded head. He wears a green shirt and carries around the whisk and plunger so for his costume you would need these accessories.

Step 5: Assassin is dressed to the hilt for combat. You would need the military style vest, combat helmet, and blue pants to create him. The same look can be given for Razor only he is a bit taller.

By following these tips you should be able to create the costumes of the Aliens in the Attic!

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