How to Create Larry Daley (Night at the Museum) Costume

Night at the Museum was such a popular children’s film that Hollywood has decided to create another film based on the “_ìgolden tablet.”¬ù Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is bringing all of our favorite characters back to the screen including Larry Daley. Larry Daley is played by Ben Stiller. He is the security guard during the nights at the museum. He and his friends have traveled to Washington DC to be put on display in the Smithsonian were plenty of action will happen. If you are looking for a costume consider Larry Daley the security guard.

##Materials Needed:##

Security guard uniform (blue)

Combat boots (black)

Fake gun




Gold paint


Step 1: Visit a thrift store- you wouldn’t believe what they might have for a budget when making a costume unless you’ve been there before. You are looking for clothing that will fit as a security guard costume. They should be blue knit pants, blue button down shirt, black tie, and a blue jacket.

Step 2: Depending on what you find you might need to add a black stripe to the blue pants down the side of both pant legs.

Step 3: After you have the main part of the costume you should consider adding patches, name tag, and other accessories. You should have a patch on the jacket stating what museum you work for.

Step 4: Now you are ready to add your combat boots.

Step 5: The keys, gun and flashlight should be hanging from the belts of the uniform. The belt should be black and typical of cops and security guards.

Step 6: The last thing you need to do for the Larry Daley costume is create the gold tablet. The tablet allows the museum to come to life during the night. You will want to use cardboard to make a tablet. Then cover the cardboard in gold paint. You may also want to make little cut outs to represent the different symbols within the tablet.

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