How to Create Kirk (Star Trek 2009) Costume

Captain James T Kirk or Kirk from Star Trek is perhaps one of the most remembered characters from the series. Kirk is the leader trying to get his companions through the difficult times. Chris Pine is taking over the spot of Kirk from original actor William Shatner. To welcome the new movie of May 2009 you might consider being the captain yourself! Follow a few of our steps and see how your

costume comes out!

Materials Needed:

Black long sleeve shirt

Black knit pants

Black boots

Blonde hair

Enterprise logo patch


In Star Trek 2009 Captain James T. Kirk is perhaps the simplest costume you can design. He is not a Vulcan or Klingon. Instead he is a human. Your costume will reflect typical clothing you might have hanging in your closet, but for the Enterprise logo symbolizing who you are.

Step 1: If you do not have the items listed above they can be found at thrift stores or discount stores. The black long sleeve shirt should have a mock collar. It is a simple shirt with no identifiers. In fact any long sleeve shirt that is black will work.

Step 2: It is the USS Enterprise logo that will really set the shirt apart. The logo patch can be found online at a number of trek sites or online auctions. The logo patch is usually iron on, but you may find that you have to sew it in place. This is the only part of the costume which states you are from Star Trek.

Step 3: The black pants should be knit or spandex. They will need to be form fitting, and do not require pockets.

Step 4: Black boots that reach mid calf will suffice for the shoes. Any style will work, but there are also Star Trek boots for sale if you wish.

Step 5: Lastly if you do not have blonde hair you might want to borrow a wig to get the short cropped hair of James T. Kirk.

Kirk leaves the ship on a number of missions so a Star Trek weapon would be advisable. You can find these weapons online or fashion your own in your wish.

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