How to Create Jim Stanton (Battle for Terra) Costume

The Battle for Terra will be a hot picture for children this year. The movie is going to be released in May 2009. There are a host of animated characters for your son or daughter to choose from for the next Halloween or costume party. For boys Lt. Jim Stanton is a fighter pilot who falls in love with Mala. Mala is the daughter of the Terrian with whom the humans are fighting. Mala’s love is not appropriate with the human, but neither can forget the other. Stanton is a pilot following orders until he realizes how important the Terrian are to him, especially Mala.

##Materials Needed:##

* Blue Fabric

* Cardboard

* Black Paint

* Blue aqua shoes

* Headset


Step 1: To create the LT. costume you will need to visit or Both stores offer fabric which can be used to create the costume.

Step 2: Once you have the fabric you will need a pattern to create the blue jumpsuit. You may wish to use a zipper or Velcro to keep the suit closed. You can elect to make it a two piece or one piece suit. In the movie it is one piece.

Step 3: Out of the blue material you will need to make gloves and a helmet. The helmet should not cover the face, but stop at the forehead and cover the ears.

Step 4: When you put on the suit and the helmet you should have a microphone headset for your ear. This is a communication device used to talk while in the planes.

Step 5: Before you are done making the costume you will need either a backpack or cardboard. If using cardboard you need to make it black. It should be a backpack with a belt around the waist and shoulder harness. This is why a backpack might be easier if you have the budget.

Step 6: put the aqua shoes on and you are now Lt. Jim Stanton!

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