How to Create Jedediah (Night at the Museum 2009) Costume

Night at the Museum was a huge hit for the younger generation. Even adults found the movie to be hilarious. Now Hollywood is at it again in bringing us a great new movie. They will be releasing Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian on May 22nd 2009. Many of your favorite characters will be gracing the screen again, including Jedediah. Jedediah is again played by Owen Wilson in the new film. He is an old Cowboy from the 1700’s. So along with Teddy Roosevelt you will definitely want to have a Jedediah costume for the new movie release.

##Materials Needed:##

* Blue jeans

* Black chaps (optional)

* Cowboy boots

* Blue long sleeve shirt

* Brown vest

* Red bandana

* Black Stetson

* Tan gloves


Step 1: As a cowboy there are some needed clothing, which has been listed above. A thrift store would be a great place to start if you do not already have some of the clothing listed.

Step 2: The jeans need to look a little worn, and then be covered with dark chaps. Though, the chaps can be optional if you do not have the budget.

Step 3: The blue shirt should be long sleeved, and cowboy dress in style. It can also be a little dirty and worn.

Step 4: Over the shirt you should place a tan leather vest. The vest can be left open.

Step 5: The blue shirt will be left open at the collar, and the first few top buttons. Inside the shirt and around the neck will be the red bandana. Many cowboys had a bandana to keep the trail dust out of their nostrils.

Step 6: Now pull on some old black cowboy boots, your tan riding gloves, and grab that Stetson. Of course any cowboy hat will do!

Consider having a horse with you as well to make the costume all the more real. Jedediah will need something to ride on his way to saving the museum.

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