How to Create Grouch Costume

Oscar the Grouch is one of kid’s most favorite Sesame Street characters. Granted he doesn’t have the play Elmo gets, but he is certainly a superb costume for children and adults. Oscar the Grouch just has a quality about him that we all want to have some days. Our Grouch costume was recently thought up due to the release of Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. Grouch is has a cameo appearance in the film, reinstating him as a definitely costume for this year’s Halloween or costume parties.

##Materials Needed##

Green Plush Fabric (Shaggy)

Brown Shaggy Fabric

Fake Eyeballs (large)

Plastic gray trash can with lid


Step 1: Often times the most difficult part of creating a costume is finding the pattern and material to use. At or you should be able to find what you are looking for. The internet is a great source for materials. It’s probably best to find an Oscar the Grouch pattern to get the jumpsuit and head correct.

Step 2: You will need to follow the pattern you find, but the green fabric will be used for the jumpsuit. You have two options. You can have a sweater or jumpsuit, actually. If you do a sweater it should be mid thigh in length. It will need long sleeves, shaggy green material, and basically be made to fit. You don’t need a full jumpsuit unless you are going to walk around outside of the trash can. In which case, you would need pants to accompany the sweater.

Step 3: After the main body of the costume has been created you can concentrate on the hooded head. The head will have straps which help it stay on under your chin. This strap should also help you form the mouth, in which your entire head will be sitting. The top of the mouth will rest on the forehead, before moving up into the Grouch eyes, with bushy brown eye brows. Grouch doesn’t have ears, and has a mostly round head, which means your entire head will be encapsulated by the hood.

Step 4: The last step is cutting the bottom out of the rubber gray trash can. This allows you to walk, but also stop and duck under your trash can lid when you don’t want to be found!

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