How to Create Gallaxhar (Monsters vs. Aliens) Costume

Gallaxhar is one of the aliens from Monsters vs. Aliens the film released in April 2009. Monsters vs. Aliens is a children CGI animated film. Gallaxhar is an evil alien who wants to take over the Earth. So he sends gigantic robot probes and an army of clones in order to take out the humans. It is due to trauma suffered during his formative years. He tries to capture Susan many times during the film to extract a certain mutation from her body.

##Materials Needed:##

* Octopus costume

* Red Cape


Gallaxhar despite being an alien looks a lot like an octopus. In order to make your own costume you should consider buying purple fabric from along with

a pattern for an octopus.

Step 1: The main costume is the octopus therefore you should have an overly large rounded head. Your eyes and face can just be covered by the purple material. To help keep the head standing up use bunting to stuff it. You can tie it around your chin to keep it in place if need be.

Step 2: You can just use a jump suit in purple for your arms and body. What you will need though is to create six octopus legs to hang around your two legs. This gives you eight legs.

Step 3: Your hands should have two purple gloves on them.

Step 4: The last object to create the costume is the red cape. The cape should tie around the neck, and go to mid thigh.

Based on these steps you will have Gallaxhar from Monsters Vs. Aliens. B.O.B. is another costume to consider especially for children so you have one alien and one monster to fight for survival.

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