How to Create Dr. Marshall (Land of the Lost) Costume

Dr. Rick Marshall from Land of the Lost is a scientist. His main job revolves around archaeology and palaeontology. As he and his friends get sucked into a different dimension back in the time of dinosaurs Dr. Rick Marshall experiences what it would be like to have lived during that era. It also provides us with a new costume- the Dr. Rick Marshall archaeologist costume.

There is a typical costume that most fictional archaeologists wear. We are going to spice this up a bit with our Dr. Rick Marshall costume idea.

##Materials Needed:##

* Khaki Shorts

* Nylon tan belt

* Tan long sleeve shirt

* Combat boots (black)

* Javelin

* Camera

* Backpack

* Watch


Step 1: The shirt you need should be tan in color. You will need it to button down the front, and have a chest pocket on both sides. It should also have a collar which is open two buttons at the neck. The sleeves should be rolled up to above the elbows.

Step 2: The shorts should be khaki cargo pants. They will need to have front, back, and side pockets. The length is just above the knee.

Step 3: To hold the shorts up use a nylon tan belt. The shirt should also be tucked into the shorts.

Step 4: Next are the combat boots in black. If you cannot find combat boots hiking boots will work. You should have matching tan or light green socks.

Step 5: On your right wrist should be a watch with a leather band.

Step 6: The backpack you carry needs to be khaki in color. It should also be knit or cotton, like you traditionally see in the movies. It will need to hold a water bottle, climbing gear, and archaeological tools. You can also have the camera hanging from the backpack.

Step 7: The last part of the costume will be the Javelin, which needs to be a very long wooden stick. In fact it should be about your height or a little taller.

For more information regarding the costume see How to make an archaeologist costume.

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