How to Create Dr. Leonard McCoy (Star Trek) Costume

Dr. Leonard McCoy or Bones is one of the more important characters of Star Trek. Dr. McCoy was in almost every show and movie created. He is also going to return as a character in the latest Star Trek film being released in 2009. His character is going to be played by actor Keith Urban. For those of you who do not want to be Spock or Captain Kirk you have the option of choosing Dr. Leonard McCoy.

##Materials Needed:##

* Blue long sleeve shirt

* Black pants

* Black shirt with mock collar

* USS Enterprise insignia

* Black Boots

* Doctor items


Step 1: If you lack any of the materials above you will need to go shopping at discount stores or online. There are numerous sites like eBay offering star trek material like the USS Enterprise logo.

Step 2: Once you have the materials you need it is time to create the costume. The black shirt will need to go on first. It should have a mock collar that is a little lower than a turtleneck would be, but higher than a regular tee shirt.

Step 3: To the blue long sleeve shirt you will need to attach the insignia. This should go on the left hand side of the upper chest.

Step 4: The long sleeve shirt will go over the black shirt with mock collar.

Step 5: The knit or spandex black pants need to be formfitting. You may use dress pants, but typically something tighter is warranted. The pants do not need to have pockets.

Step 6: Just add the boots, which should be mid calf in height and you are almost ready to go.

Step 7: Bones was a doctor on the show. This means you might want at least a stethoscope, doctor utensils, and even a weapon. Often the doctor went on missions to ensure the health of the team members.

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