How to Create Diego (Ice Age 3) Costume

We met Diego in Ice Age, when he was one of the best hunter’s in Soto’s pack. However, he met up with Manny and Sid while trying to steal the baby they were rescuing. During this interval our evil Sabertooth changed his spots to become a hero. Diego will be returning in Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, still traveling with Manny and Sid. But can he keep up his good deeds? You will have to wait until July 1, 2009 to find out. With the new movie there are endless possibilities for costume party themes and Halloween costumes. We have some suggestions on how you can make a Diego costume, and roar into the costume party!

##Materials Needed:##

* Tan fabric

* Lion Pattern

* Fake nails

* Bunting

* White fabric

* Florist wire

* Cotton


Step 1: Diego is a sabertooth, but you might not be able to find a pattern for such an animal costume. If you cannot a lion costume pattern will help you get the main body. While looking for the fabric at you should also get the needed materials listed above.

Step 2: The main body of the costume is going to be created as a jumpsuit. From the neck to the feet you will need the tan material, it is best if you have two tones of tan. Your hands and feet should be covered with the material.

Step 3: Once the jumpsuit has been created you can add the fake nails on the feet and hands. These will be your kitty claws.

Step 4: The next part to the costume is going to be the cat hood. You can elect to create the head a few different ways. You can use your face, adding a little makeup for fur, some cat ears on a headband and Dracula teeth for the sabertooth look. Or you can use the fabric you have, make ears, a jaw, and form it as a hood to fit over your own head.

Step 5: If you take this second method you will need to create the teeth. To do this form a conical shape with the florist wire, cover it with white fabric, and then stuff it with cotton. This will give you the Diego Sabertooth Look!

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