How to Create Deadpool (X Men Origins Wolverine) Costume

Deadpool is one of the more manic characters of the X Men comics and new movie. Deadpool entered the weapon X program to help cure him of cancer. Unfortunately the program failed for him, and he became quite unstable. Ryan Reynolds is playing the character. From outward appearances Deadpool looks human, with some disfiguration. Our costume idea is based on that theory.

Materials Needed:

Tan Pants

Black Belt

Military Tags

White Undershirt

Weapon Harness

Black Military Boots

Theatre Makeup


Step 1: The most difficult part of the costume will be implementing the disfigurations Deadpool should have. The arms, chest, and face will be bare. It is on these parts of the body you will need to use the theatre makeup. You can purchase theatre makeup online at a number of costume or theatre stores. Even eBay will be a good source. The disfiguration should resemble burnt and peeling skin, as well as a few scars.

Step 2: Once the theatre makeup is in place you will need to put on the rest of the costume. The tan pants should be like carharts or cargo pants.

Step 3: The black belt can be any style that you wish.

Step 4: The white undershirt should be on the worn side, and fairly dirty.

Step 5: Lastly for the costume you will need a weapon harness and fake weapons. The character is based on a military profile, which means they should resemble some style of military weapon.

Add your dog tags and you are now ready to be the slightly psychotic mutant Deadpool who has fallen in love with a female death.

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