How to Create Darwin G- Force Costume

Aptly named Darwin of the G- Force from the 3D animation being released by Disney is the squad leader. The premise is simple. The G- Force must save the world as secret agent Guinea Pigs. Darwin as the leader is the most “_ìevolved.”¬ù He has it in his mind that his team and he must succeed at all costs. We know some like to create their own costumes rather than purchasing a readymade idea. Below we have a few steps that might just get you the perfect G-Force costume for Darwin. Darwin is voiced by Sam Rockwell in the film.

##Materials Needed##

Hamster or Guinea Pig Pattern

Brown Fabric

White Fabric

Yellow Goggles

Ear bud

Dog Collar



Three flash lights

Fake Weapon


Step 1 Visiting an online shop like or will help you find the pattern and fabric you are looking for. The fabric should be plush like fake fur to give you the furry look of the Guinea Pig species.

Step 2 It is very important to follow the pattern to get the Guinea Pig jumpsuit. It should have hands, feet, and a hood in the shape of the Guinea Pig.

Step 3 Once the costume has been created you will be able to accessories your G-Force character Darwin. To begin with the accessories you will need to get a dog collar or similar style necklace which can be used to carry your equipment pack. The equipment pack will go on the front. You can create your own with black fabric or use a toy that fits the utility belt look. To the collar you also want to attach the carabineer.

Step 4 Attached to the costume Guinea Pig ear you need to have the ear bud. It should have a little mike on it if at all possible.

Step 5 Over the eyes of your Guinea Pig you need to place the yellow goggles, sunglasses could also work.

Step 6 On top of the rodent head you will need three lights. If you can find two red and one green lights or flashlights that you can hook together to create the helmet you will be doing all right.

Step7 The last thing you need to add is the fake weapon. This weapon should be heavy in the military look. The one in the movie has three barrels.

Now that you have your Guinea Pig costume consider having Juarez G-Force or Blaster along.

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