How to Create Conrad Hauser (GI Joe) Costume

Conrad Hauser is the lead solider in the new film GI Joe the Rise of Cobra. Channing Tatum will be playing the character known as Conrad Hauser or Duke. Duke is considered the ultimate GI Joe from the cartoon series. The plot has the story set ten years in the future discussing the origin of Duke’s character. GI Joe has always been a character for children growing up and learning the right thing to do in a situation. GI Joe has been made into action figures. Now it is your child’s chance to see the live action film in August, as well as have a costume based on Duke.

##Materials Needed:##

Black Body Suit


Combat boots


Black paint



Step 1: Thrift stores are a great place to find the materials mentioned above.

Step 2: You have two options when it comes to the main part of the costume. You can purchase a form fitting body suit or you can have a long sleeve black shirt and knit pants. They should be fairly tight.

Step 3: Since the character is a soldier you will need

armour. Take the cardboard to cut out a chest plate, shoulder protection, and leg protection. Paint the cardboard black. Once the cardboard has dried you can then attach it in the appropriate spots with wire.

Step 4: The combat boots should look fairly worn in order to fit with the costume. The boots should be about mid calf in height.

Step 5: A fake weapon is needed to finish out the costume. It can be any type of fire arm, you can also accessories with fake knives.

Having a ski mask can also help the costume, but it is an optional choice. You may leave your face uncovered.

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