How to Create Cinco De Mayo Costume

Cinco De Mayo is a special holiday for anyone in South America, most particularly Mexico. As a holiday you will need a costume. There are hundreds of costume ideas available for the holiday. A Mexican Serape, Taco, Lady Zorro, Hot Tamale, and so on can be costumes. We wanted to have something a little different for our how to costume. So we’ve decided on The Cinco De Mayo Margarita.

##Materials Needed:##

* Green fabric

* Yellow Fabric

* Green hat


You will have to make the costume from scratch as it will

be hard to find a pattern.

Step 1: To begin you will need a jumpsuit that will help you look like the stem of the Margarita glass. Since we can’t make it clear we have opted to have a green stem, with yellow sparkles.

Step 2: The jumpsuit should be made first covering your legs, arms, and torso. Once the jumpsuit is completed you will take a sparkly yellow material to wrap it around the “_ìstem”¬ù it can be in a circular pattern that increases at it goes up.

Step 3: At the bottom of the stem, cut out a circular pattern for the bottom of the stem. It will need to be large enough to walk in comfortably.

Step 4: To create the actual glass section find a green sombrero. You will actually place the hat upside down on your head, so the tether will go under your chin. Inside the hat, you will need an ice like material in a yellow coloring. You could also have pink for a strawberry or other type of fruit margarita.

You have now completed your Cinco De Mayo costume and are ready to join the party. It doesn’t take too much time to make so you may even be ready for May 5 2009 if you start right now!!

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