How to Create Chronicles of Riddick Costume

Those of us who enjoy Sci-Fi have probably enjoyed the movies based on Riddick. In April 2009 a new Atari PS3 game was released called Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on a Dark Athena. This is after the Escape from Butcher Bay video game released in 2004. For those of us into costumes the game not only yields a revival of fun filled hours, but also a costume for the next party.

##Materials Needed##

Black Tank Top

Black Cargo Pants

Black Swim Goggles

Arm Protection

Fake Knife

Black Combat Boots

Black Belt

Cloak (optional)



Step 1: You will need to gather up the various materials listed above. A thrift store or army surplus store should have what you will be looking for. Check out the photo for a better description of the materials listed.

Step 2: The tank top can also be more like a vest for protection. It can hang slightly loose on the body. If you want a vest you can also make sure it has pockets for various weapons.

Step 3: The pants should be cargo in style with plenty of pockets. You will want to have a belt to hold them up since they should be a little loose fitting.

Step 4: The combat boots will need to look a little worn and be black.

Step 5: The arm protection should be black with two straps to keep it on your arm. It is meant to protect the forearm.

Step 6: Before putting on the black goggles you may want to see if you can find some contacts. If you will remember Riddick has different eyes, which means you might want the same look. The goggles are meant to protect his site when in the sun.

Step 7: The knife should be a fake curved blade.

Step 8: The last thing you can add to the costume is the cloak. In the movie and in some parts of the game you may see Riddick trying to hide behind a cloak. It would also need to be black.

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